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Autumn 2013 Newsletter

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Client Profile – Whitford Park, Rudge Family

Michael and Georgina Rudge, son Tom and his wife Anjie own and operate a 704ha dry land arable farm at Lauriston. They grow vast areas of crops including wheat, barley, triticale, linseed, lucerne and grass. Rudges have opted for a “broad acre, minimum tillage” type system with their farm. They use modern equipment to get

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Client Profile – McIntosh Dairies

Lyndhurst dairy farming couple Ben and Cate McIntosh part own an irrigated dairy farm in partnership with Ben’s parents Ray and Jenny that they also 50/50 share milk. The farm supports 920 cows on a dairy platform area of 230ha, total area 244ha. The McIntosh family have lived in the area their whole lives. Ray

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Client Profile – Mark & Sarah Lock, Dryland Dairies Ltd

The Locks share-milk a 230ha family dairy farm on Pudding Hill Road near Methven. They also farm a leased 160 ha support block at Springfield near Thompsons Track. The dairy farm supports 600 cows and the run-off grazes 200 R2 heifers, 200 R1 heifers and 150 beef cattle. The leased run-off block is irrigated, where

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Client Profile – JF Ridge & Sons

The Ridge Family own and operate a 670ha arable and lamb finishing farm at Highbank near Methven. The farm is separated into three blocks, two of which are irrigated. They grow various crops including; grass seed, clover, cocksfoot, milling and feed wheat, malting and feed barley, linseed, potatoes, peas and brassicas to name a few.

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Claas Balers and Rakes The Right Tool

Our change from Freeman and Hesston balers to the three new Claas 3400 square balers and three Claas liner 3500 quad rotor rakes two seasons ago really showed its benefits during the catchy weather this harvest. When straw was ready to bale, we were able to get over large areas in the small amount of

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