About us

Our Approach

Our Mission Statement

We are an agricultural contracting and feed supplement supply company. We provide services to all types of farmers. Our aim is to provide the best possible service and build long-term business relationship with clients through mutual respect and loyalty.

Our Philosophy

The core ideas, values and attitudes that our company and its members hold dear and adhere to are; be positive, can-do, hard-working, enjoyable, clean and tidy, safe, friendly, interested in others and community minded

Code of Ethics

We deal with people, customers, other team members, sub-contractors and suppliers with honesty, loyalty, respect, amicability and diligence

Our History

Andrew and Valerie Jackson emmigrated to New Zealand from England in 1991. Prior to emigrating, Andrew ran his own pig farming business and Val worked as a veterinary nurse. Upon moving to New Zealand they both took up full time jobs in the area, before purchasing their home farm at Alford Forest during 1992. Up until last year Andrew and Val reared dairy beef calves and sold them on the local trade market once finished. In 2005 they bought an irrigated dairy farm at Winchmore near Ashburton. The home farm at Alford Forest then acted as the support block for the Winchmore dairy farm, providing grass silage as well as young stock and winter cow grazing.  Last year the home farm was converted to dairying which is now run by share milkers who also run Andrew and Val’s irrigated dairy farm. The two farms total 340ha and support 1120 dairy cows.

The baling business was established in 1991, just as the dairy industry was gaining momentum in Mid Canterbury. Over the next twenty three years, the Jacksons have consistently  grown their business by focussing on providing a first class service to their farmer clients. This is evident by the fact that even today we deal with many clients that used their services’s in those formative years.

Andrew and Val have two sons, Harry and George. Harry,18, is involved with the contracting business. George,17, is in his last year of secondary school.

Todd Holmes began working seasonally for Andrew Jackson Contracting in 2000 during summer holidays while studying toward a Mechanical Engineering Degree at The University of Canterbury. Originally from Matamata in the Waikato Todd moved to Canterbury with his family in 1997 when they purchased a farm near Rakaia and converted it to dairy. After completing the degree he travelled and worked overseas and met his wife Madeleine who is from Sweden. Todd and Madeleine decided to move back to New Zealand where he took up a permanent position at Andrew Jackson Contracting. In 2008 Andrew and Val Jackson and Todd and Madeleine Holmes founded Jackson & Holmes Ltd. The new company focussed on a new service; forage harvesting. Todd and Madeleine have two children; Elin who was born in June 2011 and Oskar who was born in January 2013.

In 2010 it was decided that there was a need for a combined brand to emphasize the feed supplement trading facet of both businesses that already existed. “Stockfuel” was created in 2010 and along with this expansion a new position within the business was created. Having a new feed trading representative to concentrate solely on feed sales allowed Andrew and Todd more time to concentrate on the running of the businesses and making sure the service was the best available.

In 2013 the decision was made to merge both businesses. Andrew Jackson Contracting and Jackson & Holmes become Jackson Holmes Ltd. Along with a full rebrand (including a new website and logos), the Stockfuel brand was brought under the new name and new services were added. Muck and slurry spreading, cartage, drilling and cultivation were added to the existing line up.

Going forward Jackson Holmes is focussed on steady growth, constant improvement and building on our reputation for providing the best service available. We are proud to have created a succesful business while focussing on people. We believe in surrounding ourselves with positive, like minded individuals and treating people with mutual respect. Jackson Holmes look forward to the future and building on the foundations we have created.

Holmes Family