Feed Trading with Bruce Lilley

What a pleasure to have some fine, sunny weather after a cool frosty winter and a wet early spring. Methven Senior Rugby and Netball teams have made us all proud by winning their respective competitions. With calving and lambing in full swing the silage season will soon be upon us.


Grass Silage: The Staple Supplement

With the silage season fast approaching, the price of grass will very much depend on quality and availability. First cut grass silage generally brings a premium due to its high ME and digestibility. Healthy relationships between growers and buyers are always needed, so each party can benefit from the rewards.


Maize Silage: Premium Feed

The maize planting season is just around the corner and with it comes a lot of discussion on price in relation to the dairy payout. In most situations all the grower and buyer are looking for is a “fair deal”. Maize is a wonderful product for maintaining cow condition pre drying-off and post calving. A maize contract gives feed reliability at both ends of the season and removes the gamble of a fluctuating grass market.


Cereal Silage: Cows Love It

Cereal silage is a very under-rated crop for quality and feed utilization. For an arable farmer, cereal silage gives options such as early crop removal followed by a brassica for lamb finishing or dairy grazing. Demand for cereal silage often increases due to limited supply of other feeds particularly grass. With the dairy sectors need for supplement increasing, the cereal silage option will become even more attractive.


Feed Trading Role: 12 Months In

Having been in the feed trading position for nearly 12 months now, I would like to thank Todd, Andrew and Val for their ongoing support in making me very welcome into my role and their business. It has been a pleasure meeting old and new clients and I look forward to doing business with you over the coming months. I hope you have a wonderful season going forward as we need each other in order to be successful both now and in the future. Keep the 3rd of November free, Jackson & Holmes have an entrant in the “Miss Methven Competition”.