Spring 2013 Newsletter – Moving Feed – Empty Cupboard

The start of the year, post harvest (and drought) saw us moving more feed in the off–season than we have for a long time. Surplus silage and straw that had been sitting around for a couple of years was put to good use by farmers through the wet late autumn weather. It was good to see a lot of the older feed getting used up in a time of need instead of being wasted. It has made way for us to restock with new fresh material in the coming months. Hopefully Mother Nature will play ball and help grow some good quality crops.

I must make mention of the outstanding efforts of our Feed Rep., Bruce Lilley over the winter. For every person that phoned looking for a load of straw or silage, Bruce found some. Even when stocks were running as low as I have ever seen them, he managed to keep people going. It was great to see our vast web of contacts being put to use. I hope that it has become an invaluable service to our clients over the years; we aim to always have a feed solution.