Staff Profile – John Maloney, Ireland

What made you choose to work for Jackson Holmes:
After watching a few videos and seeing pictures it was clear that Jackson Holmes ran an impressive fleet of machinery and were located in a beautiful part of New Zealand.

Did you enjoy your time working for Jackson Holmes:
Absolutely, it was an unforgettable season, shared with a great crew of people. Would do it all again in a heartbeat.

How did you find management at Jackson Holmes:
Exceptional, from the day I started working at Jackson Holmes, until the day I left, I was made feel welcome and always looked after in every way. Even on our busiest days, everyone knew the plan and what had to be done.

Would you recommend Jackson Holmes to other people:
Anyone who has an interest in agri machinery, seeing some top class farming and working with a great group of people, while having a good laugh doing it, this is defiantly an opportunity that cannot be missed.

What aspect of working at Jackson Holmes did you most enjoy:
It’s difficult to choose a favourite as I enjoyed it all. Andrew and Todd always liked to have the machinery looking its best leaving the yard so it was always a pleasure driving spotless, well maintained machines around some of the nicest countryside in the world. It was also very enjoyable to work with a group of people who share the same interests and were always up for a laugh.