Laugh Out Loud – Old Rooster

A farmer brings home a new young rooster to replace the older rooster on the farm. He takes the new cock outback and turns him loose. The new rooster goes up to the older rooster and tells him, “You old man, are going to be supper because I’m here to take your place as the cock of the roost.”

The old rooster said, “Hey young fella, you just can’t come in here and take over like that not without a race.” “A race?” asked the new rooster. “What kind of race?”

The old rooster told him, “A foot race.” And at this, the new rooster laughed. He said, “Old man, I can beat you any day of the week even if I give you a head start. You’re on.”

The old rooster explained they would race around the hen house twice, but that he would get a head start. The new rooster agreed. The old rooster counted to three, and took off screaming and squawking the whole way. As he began around the first corner, the new rooster took off running as fast as he could, trying to catch up to the old rooster.

At that same time the farmer was watching from the back door. Seeing what was going on, he ran and grabbed his gun, ran out the back door, and shot the new rooster just before the new rooster caught the old one. The farmer went back in the house, and his wife asked what was going on.

The farmer replied, “I’m not sure, but that’s the second gay rooster I bought this week.”