Meet The Team

Andrew Jackson
Managing Director

Mobile: 027 4393 387

After leaving school, Andrew worked on his parents pig and poultry farm in Derbyshire which is centred in the beautiful Peak District of England. The farm was only 7ha in size and managed to support thier family by intensively farming pigs, sheep and poultry.
Supplying local butchers with meat direct from the farm, was a new concept in those days and Andrew applauds his parents for being the forward thinkers they were. The family also branched out into retailing, with three shops offering farm fresh produce direct to the public. Andrew eventually managed one of the shops for five years.

A yearning to branch out on his own, saw him lease a pig unit and sign an agreement with a multi national pig breeding company. This was to supply female progeny to various countries around the world. Valerie at the time worked as a vet nurse for the local practice that Andrew used, which is how they met. Five years later they decided it was time for a change and the business was sold as a going concern.

There was just time for an overseas trip before settling down and enjoying the next challenge(in the UK they thought!). New Zealand happened to be the destination of choice, and after travelling the country they fell in love with it and decided to move here. Twenty three years, two sons, a contracting business and two farms on they are still here and call New Zealand home. Andrew often remarks on the choices people make in life and the paths it leads them down. Like how taking going on a simple holiday can change your life forever!

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Todd Holmes
General Manager

Mobile: 027 279 8926

Todd's background is primarily agricultural, mechanical and engineering. Having grown up on his parents dairy farm located at Matamata in the Waikato, they moved to Mid Canterbury in the late 90's to convert a sheep farm near Rakaia to Dairy.

He spent a lot of time in his school years working on the dairy farm with his parents which gave him a good base knowledge of agriculture. After finishing school at Mt Hutt College Methven, Todd went on to gain a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from CPIT then a Degree in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Canterbury both in Christchurch.

During his engineering studies Todd developed a passion for agricultural mechanisation and engineering design. The highlight of his studies being a final year project which involved the development of a tractor mounted lavender harvesting machine for which he was awarded Outstanding Engineering in an Individual Project. The project went from initial research, concepts, design and engineering analysis right through to building and commissing the machine.

Todd gained his practical engineering and fabrication skills through spending all of his holidays from study during the year at Plucks Engineering in Rakaia. He then practiced his proffesional engineering in the R&D department at Clough Engineering in Timaru. Summer holidays were dedicated to working for Andrew Jackson Contracting, which he thoroughly enjoyed and always looked forward to! After completing studies Todd headed overseas with a friend, spending time working in Ireland and travelling to many countries.

During the time after studies he had met Madeleine who is from Sweden, and after a few trips to Sweden (to win her over!) they decided to move back to NZ. Todd then took up a full time position with Andrew Jackson Contracting and the rest is history!

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Bruce Lilley
Feed Trading Manager

Mobile: 027 553 3085

Bruce Lilley took up his position as Feed Trading Rep. in 2011. He has lived and worked in the area his whole life, owning a shearing business for the 34 years. Bruce is well known in the Mid Canterbury area, through his involvement with the Methven Cricket & Clay Bird Target clubs, Methven A&P Association and as a Shearing Judge.

He also has a farm on the outskirts of Methven, where he lives with his wife Robyn. Their three children have all ‘flown the nest’ with eldest son David based in Roxburgh as a stock agent with PGGW, Ben is a builder and youngest daughter Sophie is studying at Lincoln University.

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Valerie Jackson
General Administration

Office: 03 303 0872

Val spent her school years in England, Holland and Scotland. After leaving school she went to Berkshire College of Agriculture and studied to do veterinary nursing. One of her most interesting jobs as a vet nurse was in Windsor near London where the practice she worked for looked after the Royal pets including the corgis. They also looked after animals in Billy Smarts Circus; Val’s first visit there helping the vet with an elephant with a sore foot!

When Val was 26 she decided to continue her education and spent 3 years at university studying for a degree in Human Geography and Ecology. Following that she started a small landscaping business with a friend from university. It was around this time she met Andrew and they travelled out to New Zealand age 31.

Val has never had any regrets about moving to New Zealand. She loved the early years of learning to farm and starting the contracting business. Val especially enjoyed bringing up her two boys with Andrew in the beautiful countryside of Mid Canterbury.

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Tim Gibbs
Service Manager

Mobile: 027 444 66 45

Tim is responsible for maintenance scheduling and management of all of our equipment; engineering and mechanical repairs as well as breakdown call outs; maintenance training and monitoring with all operators.

Experience: Tim attained an apprenticeship (National Certificate in Maintenance and Diagnostics in Mechanical Engineering), with North Canterbury Equipment in Amberley. He has extensive engineering and mechanical skills which are necessary for this role. He also recently spent a year working on large 5000ha cropping farm in Boori (NSW) Australia and a year working on a large 1800 ha cropping farm in Portage la prairie, Canada.

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Harry Jackson
Cultivation Manager

Mobile: 027 748 9599

Harry is taking the leading role in the development of our new cultivation and drilling services. Our goal is to provide a reliable, top quality service dedicated to customer satisfaction. Harry’s time is solely focussed on this and he is happy to discuss your requirements. We have made a significant investment in the best gear for the job including such items as our new Allen Direct Drill and Sumo cultivator.
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David Stafford
Operator/Training and Quality Supervisor

Mobile: 027 557 0530

Madeleine Holmes
Feed Trading Administration

Office: 03 303 0872

Madeleine is from Gothenburg in Sweden. She grew up on her parents dairy farm in Hȧlta, 30min North of Gothenburg. After attending local schools at Hȧlta and Ytterby she studied agriculture at Dingle School of Agriculture. During her studies she worked on her parents farm and for thier contracting business operating machinery.

After completing her studies she joined a work exchange programme and travelled to New Zealand to experience farming and life on the other side of the world. At this point she met Todd. After heading back home to Sweden, Madeleine moved back to New Zealand with Todd. She continued to work in the dairy industry, being promoted to a farm manager.

She now has two children with Todd, Elin and Oskar. Having two small children takes up a lot of her day, but she still finds time to do administration work for the new company. Madeleine and Todd also own a small lifestyle block near Methven.

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Jonny Ashton
Service Technician/Machine Specialist

Mobile: 027 433 8149

Jack Hassall

Glenys Williams

Office: 03 303 0872

I am Glenys Williams, and I have worked with Andrew, Val and Todd since October 2009. My husband Kelvin and I have a preschool daughter (Taryn) who is looking forward to starting school this year.

Both Kelvin and myself have our own businesses, I assist local businesses with their accounts and Kelvin is an Agricultural Contractor. I have spent half of my working life, so far in England, where I worked mainly as a sub-contractor writing financial accounting systems for Blue Chip Companies. One day when I woke up I realised how beautiful New Zealand really is for living and moved back here. Originally from the North Island I decided the South had a much less hectic lifestyle than London.

In London I had a team of 3 persons who I managed within the company, they would work with me at the different clients we had, preparing a system that would produce a set of Management and Statutory Accounts for that clients individual needs. Once the systems were completed at different stages I would travel to where the clients subsidiaries were (mainly in countries like Africa, and in Europe), and train the subsidiary companies how to report to the head office in their new Management/Statutory Accounting system.

During the last 2 years while my daughter has been at the local pre-school I have been actively involved with the pre-school by sitting on the Board. As my daughter moves onto school I am looking into how I can get involved in the community in a different way.

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Tom McKendry
General Engineering Apprentice

Mobile: 027 539 3387

Tom began casual work with us over the summer of 2015/16 as an operator, mainly loading bales and raking.
At the end of summer as Tom commenced his final year at Mt Hutt College he began work experience with us. This consisted of one afternoon a week in our service & engineering department under the supervision of our service manager Tim Gibbs. The experience allowed Tom to work towards gaining unit standards through the Gateway programme administered by Lyn Schott at Mt Hutt College.
Tom enjoyed his time with us, loves contracting and showed a great natural flare for engineering. He now works for us fulltime and is undertaking an Engineering Apprenticeship with us through the industry ITO, Competenz.
We were really delighted to be able to provide a pathway within our business for young New Zealanders to commence a career and gain valuable qualifications. This is something we have worked towards for a long time. We would encourage any other young locals that are interested in contracting to contact us, you never know what might happen!
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Bob Frame