Cultivation & Drilling

One-Pass Minimum Tillage Cultivator

  • 4m Sumo Quatro
  • Multiple configurations for any conditions (disc-tine-disc-pack for trashy stubbles requiring a fine finish, tine-disc-pack for clean stubbles, disc-disc-pack for shallow high speed cultivations and tine-pack for low disturbance soil loosening
  • Perfect for ex-winterfeed ground and post-harvest cereal ground
  • Deep sub-soiling (up to 400mm) and cultivation with 4 rows of discs
  • One-pass then drilling
  • GPS/Autosteer
  • Substantially lower carbon emissions due to lower fuel consumption and non-inversion of soil


Direct Drilling

  • Allen HD-6000 6m Seed Drill 5” row spacing, 48 run (ideal for regrassing)
  • Accord seed & fertiliser metering units with variable rate adjustment from the cab
  • 4000 litre twin hopper bin
  • Insecticide box (electronic variable rate)
  • Slug bait spreader (electronic variable rate)
  • Tyre packer system
  •  Disc suspension enabling equal ground pressure at top and bottom of stroke for accurate seed depth placement
  • GPS/Autosteer
  • Crane


Roller Drilling

  • Excellent seed placement and depth for quick establishment Levelling system for a superior finish
  • Ideal for Grass, Lucerne and Brassicas
  • GPS/Autosteer for minimal overlap



  • Kverneland 8 Furrow Reversible
  • Auto Reset
  • Hydraulic Vari-Width



  • 8m Heva Roller
  • Cambridge type with breaker rings



  • 24’ Sunflower Cultivator
  • Accurate depth control
  • Even cultivation and levelling
  • Excellent trash clearance
  • GPS/Autosteer


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