Effluent Spreading

With the widespread upgrades to cowshed effluent handling and storage systems in recent years, we have learnt a lot in a brief time in terms of how to deal with each type when cleaning out!

From weeping walls to solid separators, saucers, two-pond systems, stone traps and wedges, we have developed a method to deal with each type. Currently between our lagoon stirrer, vacuum tanker, umbilical pipe system, muck spreaders, loaders and diggers we can deal with all kinds of material.

A big winner has been the umbilical pipe system. Its ability to shift massive volumes of liquid and semi-liquid effluent and place it via dribble bar quickly has been very successful. We have found its niche is cleaning out the primary settling pond in two-pond systems. From what we have learnt these should ideally be stirred up and cleaned out every 1-2 years, however we can handle even very solid ponds by using our impeller stirrer to feed the pressure pump. There is always a surprising amount of heavy sludge on the bottom of these ponds, so ideally stirring while pumping is desirable.

Forward planning with cleaning out is helps keep cost down.

Vacuum Tanker

Liquid effluent or waste spreading with our new Major 12,000 L auto fill Vacuum tanker.

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