Forage Harvesting

Forage Harvesting.

We provide a full fine-chop silage service. From mowing through to the stack, we ensure the job is done to the highest standard of quality and efficiency. Our forage harvesting machinery is the most modern available and our operators are highly experienced.

Properly compacting a silage stack is one of the most important factors in making good quality silage. Fresh material must be distributed in a thin layer over the stack and rolled to exclude air. We focus on building dense stacks to the individual farmers specifications. When necessary we run two machines on stacks to ensure maximum compaction and efficient processing.

Claas Jaguar 950 Self-Propelled Forage Harvester

  • 550hp
  • High output
  • Pioneer Innoculant Applicator
  • Claas 3m grass pickup
  • Claas DD610 Direct Cut Cereal Front
  • Claas Orbis 600 Row Independent Maize Front


Maize Planting

We pride ourselves on our maize services. From the initial contracting of the crop on the growers farm, to the planting of the seed. Monitoring the maize crop through to its harvesting at the optimum dry matter level and finally forming a superior stack. We are involved from start to finish.

Claas Orbis 600 Maize Header

  • Specifically sized to our harvester for optimum efficiency
  • Minimal stubble left in paddock
  • Claas Intensive Corn Cracker provides superior Kernal processing
  • Pioneer innoculant application to ensure a premium product


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