Improved Square Balers

We are now running 3 new 5300 Square Balers alongside 2 of our 3400 balers. These were the first of this new model in NZ, being pre series.

As with most new machines, many good improvements had been made which enabled us to deliver a better and more consistent product.

A new automatic pressure system removed the need for constant monitoring by the operator, and helped to keep bale density consistent through varying conditions. Knotter upgrades meant substantial improvement in knotter reliability. A longer pressure chamber helped with keeping consistently high density in both silage and straw. Pickups have an auto-reverse feature and powered crop rollers, meaning less downtime in the field dealing with blockages.

Bale Stacking

Our ProAG 16k Bale runner is the perfect machine for times when the weather is threatening to rain. During harvest we aim to have every bale we have made stacked up and weather proofed before it rains. The 16k stacks up large square Claas 3400 bales with incredible speed. It also allows us to clear a cropping farmers paddock almost straight behind the baler, allowing them to get straight on with cultivation.

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