Client Profile – Whitford Park, Rudge Family

Michael and Georgina Rudge, son Tom and his wife Anjie own and operate a 704ha dry land arable farm at Lauriston. They grow vast areas of crops including wheat, barley, triticale, linseed, lucerne and grass. Rudges have opted for a “broad acre, minimum tillage” type system with their farm. They use modern equipment to get over the area efficiently including large cultivation and harvesting gear.

An interesting facet of their business is the grain drying facilities which include large “drive on floor” drying sheds and recently the addition of a “continuous flow” drying system (pictured). Because of their drying facilities, many other arable farmers in the area send grain to Rudges to be dried as well. We enjoy the look of panic on our baler drivers faces each year when they start the first round of a 70ha paddock of barley straw at Rudges and realise they will be in there for a very, very long time!