Debs & Paul – Their Story

Debs Taggart & Paul Adams : Their Story

Misty Downs Farms Ltd.

Paul Adams and Debs Taggart are in their fifth season as equity managers on their 191ha (effective) dairy farm.The farm is in the higher rain fall area of Mt Hutt and receives an average rain fall of 45 inches. Paul’s area of focus is the practical aspects of dairying and feed budgeting. Debs takes control of the calf rearing plus all record keeping and accounting. Anyone who knows Paul and Debs will appreciate that they are great people to deal with and this comes across in the farm motto.

“Fair, Fun & Focussed”.
Fair: Not aiming to be the best or the worst.
Fun: Having a laugh & joke along the way.
Focused: We have targets to meet.

Another classic Debism is MIUAYGA, or “Make it up as you go along!”