Staff Profile – Steve Mears, United Kingdom

What made you choose to work for Jackson Holmes?

Watching YouTube videos made by staff of previous seasons! Looked like a smart outfit and I picked up a friendly impression during the telephone interview.

Did you enjoy your time working for Jackson Holmes?

It was a great fun, you get to use modern well maintained equipment and meet some interesting people.

How did you find management at Jackson Holmes?

Relaxed and approachable, normally everyone would receive a plan for the day the evening before so you knew where you were heading. Directions were always clear and you were never rushed to finish a job.

Would you recommend Jackson Holmes to other people?

Definitely. You may start on one piece of kit to begin with but if you’re sensible and work hard you’re likely to be moved onto something else later in the season.

What aspect of working at Jackson Holmes did you most enjoy?

Working as part of a team of like-minded people was always a great laugh. Feeling valued as well, management would lay on BQQs and beers throughout the season which showed your work and effort was appreciated.