Staff Profile – Tom Folly, United Kingdom

What made you choose to work for Jackson Holmes?

A friend of mine recommended Jackson Holmes to me after he had completed a season and had such a brilliant experience.

Did you enjoy your time working for Jackson Holmes?

Yes, I loved every minute of it, the experience was brilliant and I made some amazing friends.

How did you find management at Jackson Holmes?

Very approachable and organised, you always knew of the jobs you had to do and had clear instructions and directions to complete them.

Would you recommend Jackson Holmes to other people?

Yes I would, if you work hard and care about what you do then you will have the opportunity to gain lots of new experience and skills.

What aspect of working at Jackson Holmes did you most enjoy?

I really enjoyed being able to carry out the maintenance and repairs on my machine, whereas other companies may not let you. Tim and Johnny were both approachable and would always be willing to show you what to do and help you with it.